Tattoo Aftercare
Five Diamonds Tattoo

When your tattoo is completed and / or with work in progress after each session it will be cleaned and covered as necessary at the studio. From that moment on it is your responsibility to hygienically take care of your tattoo(s)

  1. Leave bandage on overnight.
  2. Before touching your tattoo at any time, “wash your hand” thoroughly with antibacterial soap.
    The Next Morning:
  1. Jumping into the shower is best. Use your clean hands or fingertips to wash your tattoo using warm running water (no soap!). Gently remove all traces of blood, ink and plasma from your skin. It should no longer look shiny if properly cleansed.
  2. Leave tattoo to dry naturally in the open air of lightly pat dry with towel or paper towels.
  3. No lotion is needed until the area starts to peel (no matter what your friends say), that is usually after 4-5 days then Apply a thin layer once a day and pat off excess with paper towel.
  4. Use non-scented lotion, “Lubriderm” is highly recommended.
  5. Do not cover tattoo. Avoid wearing tight clothing or anything that will rub on the area(s).
  6. Following these procedures will reduce scabbing. Most people will only develop a thin film over the tattoo that will flake off around 2 weeks.
After Care - Five Diamonds Tattoo
    Overall Care:
  1. Avoid swimming, saunas, and hot tubs during the healing process.
  2. Do Not pick or scratch at the healing tattoo is this will remove the ink or scar the area. You will then have to have the tattoo touched up.
  3. Avoid vigorous exercise, sports and going to the gym during the healing process. Sweat will irritate the tattoo and it increases the risk of infection.
  4. Do not let your pets or their hair come into contact with your tattoo(s).
  5. Tanning will always fade your tattoo. Do not go tanning or let your tattoo(s) burn for the first month of after care. Always recommended to use a high SPF sun screen when under the sun or in tanning booths.

Good hygiene and care will reduce the risk of infection, help maintain the overall quality of your tattoo and help aid in optimal healing with no need for touch-ups.

Touch-ups are free with tattoos that sit for an hour or longer within 6 months of the last appointment.

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